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The Family Behind Your Food

-   ABOUT US  -


Photography, Elizabeth Morical

Jordan is a 5th generation farmer. He was born and raised in Adams County. He only had one dream since birth,

to become the best farmer in the world.

Every day he continues to work towards this goal. He grows 5 crop rotation, wheat, corn, canola, sunflowers and soybeans. He strives to do the best job everyday to make things run smooth and efficient... always coming up with new ideas to try and they usually work out better then even he expects!


I, Jacki am a 4th generation rancher. I was born and raised on a cattle, sheep, and horse ranch in Harding County, South Dakota. I grew up on a back of a horse learning from a very young age the importance of good stock and work hard. In 2017 I started dreaming of labeling JC Farms Beef, being able to sell directly to those who need quality and tasty beef but had to put this dream aside until the kids became a little more independent. I strive to raise the best cattle possible and take a huge responsibility in taking care of the livestock.




Cahan, 2012 model, is the oldest of the kids. He would much rather be at home helping then at school but manages to go to school with a good attitude, most days :) Cahan can be found helping whoever needs him the most and if he isn’t needed he can be found in his garden. He has a head for numbers and has been a big dreamer for the

JC Country Store.



Citti, 2014 model, is the second child and only girl. She loves anything with four legs and spends as much time as possible with her pony, Oreo. She is free spirited and hard working. She already has big plans to come back home after college and take over the cattle herd, I believe she will do an excellent job!



Conway is the youngest, a 2016 model. He is the true definition of farm boy. He has spent more hours in equipment then both his siblings combined! He loves all things with wheels and gets plum upset when his Dad leaves him home from a day of farming. When he isn’t out in the field or in the shop helping with equipment, he is playing farm with his own little tractors. He hasn’t started school yet but the concern is that he might not like being away from the farm all day.


Both Jordan and I are very active in their community. Jordan is on the school board, fire district board and Southwest Grain advisory board. I am on the Hettinger Chamber board, Chair of the Rodeo Committee, and Vice chair of Hettinger NDSU advisory board. We believe a strong community is important for the future of our operation and our kids. We also want to show them to get involved and volunteer, it makes the world a better place. 


Please enjoy this little glimpse into our life on

JC Farms, and the folks behind JC Country Store!


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