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How a cowgirl married a farmer

I, Jacki, came to Hettinger in 2006 with a degree in Natural Resources from Dickinson State University, after a five year stint(changed majors after 3 years) Jordan also graduated in 2006 but from high school! He went on to get a farm management at NDSCS in Waphton, ND. We never met until 2008 when I switched jobs from NRCS to Alliance Ag Coop for agronomy sales. Jordan was one of my first customers. He still had a month left of college but he was home for a long weekend working. I was instantly impressed with is passion for farming and they way he was able to figure how much chemical and fertilizer he would need for the year faster in his head then I could with a calculator. He was interested and I thought he was way to young, but after being around him for a couple months I realized he has more maturity then anyone I dated and his drive to work hard all the time was something I admired and respected. We started dating that summer and by spring of 2010 we were engaged and on October 2, 2010, we said our vows. We have a lot of difference of opinions with my horse/cattle background and his farm background but after many battles and years we have come to a pretty great working relationship. We each have our own ideas and plans but we include each other in all big decision making and help each other when needed.

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I enjoyed reading your story, now it’s all beginning to come together.. I was honored to get my badge to night, I thought I may be worrying the crap out of you commenting so much, I’m impressed the way yall run this operation.

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